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Friday, October 19, 2007

Sean Preston Federline Looks to Trade in Mom

From cigarettes to lollipops to Criss Angel, we know Britney Spears has some kind of serious oral fixation. But pacifiers, that’s taking it a bit far.

At least we think so, and it would appear our feelings on the matter are shared by others, such as her eldest son, Sean Preston Federline. Take a look …

Sean Preston dreams of going on a show called “Mom Swap.”

Counting down the days until he can legally emancipate himself from his parents, the cute, troubled Sean Preston wears this distressed look quite often these days.

It’s easy to see why. When Britney Spears isn’t out until the wee hours at clubs with no underwear, she’s blowing smoke in his face or putting Jayden James‘ pacifiers in her own mouth. And the court didn’t give K-Fed sole custody?

She and Snoop Dogg have some really good lawyers.

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Jayden James Federline, Mother Go to Starbucks

Well, at least this puts to rest any rumors that Britney Spears has been completely neglecting her youngest son, Jayden James Federline.
The kid is clearly getting enough to eat. Seriously, what the hell is Alli Sims Britney feeding Jayden James? Every single celebrity news article about his mother? Geez.
In the JustJared photo composite below, you see Britney and her sons out for a spin to the local Starbucks. Jayden James got a 730-calorie muffin and a double espresso.

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