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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Philipino Maid and the special boy(down syndrom) part 2

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continued from maid: The story continues,when Zacks parents came home unexpectedly one afternoon,me and Zack were upstairs in his room,i was riding his cock,going mad with lust and he was grunting,signs that he was going to come soon.We were fucking like 20minutes now and his 2nd round and my 4th into climax. I have turned into a sex maniac now.@weeks after i first had sex with Zack,im fucking him everyday and 3 or 4 times a day before his parents and sisters are back home. I didnt hear the front iron grill being opened,the doors to Zacks room was left open and i was nearing my come,Ohhh Zackkk..fuck..fuck..meee..oohhh i love your cock darling," i was chanting and Zack was going uugghh..uugghh..,as he was pistoning from under." commmiiiinnngggg"!! i sreamed and fell onto Zack as i felt him coming inside my pussy. I was feeling my puss contracting and milking Zacks cock as he was spurting his jizz into me,its sheer pleasure for me and Zack. We have been fucking for 2weeks now,enjoying every moment of it,and all this came to a stop when his parents walked in on us fucking.

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